NEW!!! Buddha Bowl Bag Delivery

Buddha Bowl Bags!

Shop online here for free contactless delivery to your doorstep (select postcodes only):

Sadly we’ve temporarily had to stop going to our beloved Whitecross Street Market, but now more than ever, we all need nutritious and lovingly made food so to keep your Thursday and Friday Buddhas coming, we’ve designed 2 ‘Buddha Bowl Bags’, hand delivered contactlessly, by us, to your doorstep for free!

They contain everything you need to make the equivalent of 2 ‘Big Buddhas’ and will keep for 2 days in the fridge. All you need to do is reheat the curry, boil the dry rice, flash steam the fresh kale and grill the halloumi if you’re using it. Full instructions provided and a video coming on Instagram!

Our Buddha Bowls are the winner of Best Main Dish at the British Street Food Awards, the peoples’ choice awards at Glastonbury and are a top 3 favourite food at Big Feastival!

They are vegan (without the cheese) and naturally wheat and gluten free and are prepared in our certified home kitchen adhering to stringent new health and safety measures in addition to our usual 5 star practise.

Delivery is currently available on Thursdays and Fridays to EC1, EC2, E2, E5, E8, E9, N1, N7, NW1, NW5 and NW3 (between 08.30-13.00). Please specify in ‘note to seller’ at the end of checkout which day you prefer and do email with other area requests!

We just hope you’re all safe and well. We’re missing you so much but can’t wait to see you when we can get back to the market and for now really hope you enjoy these!

Big love, Charlie and Dave xxxx

Our New Book has landed! Fresh Veggie BBQ!

bbq cover


We’re so excited that our third (!) book Fresh Veggie BBQ is out now! Shot on location at our allotment and combining so many of our major passions; fire, food, the great outdoors; this is a book we’ve absolutely loved writing and really hope you all enjoy! You don’t need meat to have an amazing summer BBQ!


Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl

new book cover


We’re beyond excited to share with you our second recipe book Wholefood Heaven in a Bowl, out tomorrow online and in major bookshops! This one’s a vegetarian book with lots of vegan and wheat and gluten free options and it really celebrates naturally healthy, unprocessed ingredients and flavours, inspired a lot by our travels.

Many of the recipes are presented as easy-to-eat bowl-food, or ones that can be cooked in a single pot and there are lots of ideas for enjoying amazing vegetarian food in, our favourite place, the great outdoors!

We really hope you enjoy it and wish you lots of happy cooking and lots of happy eating!


Trancoso dreaming – why we loved Brazil!

Without question, the number one perk of running a streetfood business (and the number one reason for holding off on bricks and mortar!) is the freedom it gives you to shut hatch and travel the world.

We get so much inspiration from our travels and playing around this evening with a tapioca pancake recipe, a smoked tofu feijoada and a yummy Biribando salad for our new book, has reminded us of what a magical time we had in Brazil last year.


First stop was Rio, perhaps the most beautifully situated city we’ve ever visited.


We stayed at the seriously gorgeous Mama Ruisa in the artsy Santa Teresa hood and had a ball from the moment we arrived.


It was a whirlwind few days, hoping in taxi after taxi to visit Christ the Redeemer, to stroll among the palms at the Botanical Gardens, to whizz up Sugar Loaf, to eat healthy food in Leblon, to stroll along Ipanema beach, fresh coconut in hand, to get lost amid the old colonial buildings of Centro; making a trolley dash at the Granada apothecary and stuffing our faces with pao de queijo at the Confeitaria Colombo




It was hard to tear ourselves away, but a short flight to Porto Seguro and we were heading towards Trancoso. We arrived after a slightly hairy drive and a rather long detour down a dirt path where, nerves frayed by the impending dusk, torrential rain and total solitude, we argued slightly as we debated at what point to accept we’d gone wrong and to head back. Still, as soon as we saw the twinkling lights of the Quadrado at night…


…and were ushered into the sanctuary of Uxua, hands down the most super stylish place we’ve ever had the good fortune to stay, the journey was quickly forgotten. ‘Why on Earth did you drive yourselves?’ asked Carlos (head concierge and one of the best people we’ve ever met). It was a good question.

C979BBD0-915A-4577-BDB9-0C2C69D78C6F       49425914-B7C6-44ED-BFCF-7F45CC584F2A  AC8E13B7-2E18-4202-A0F7-C5B20747D59C   F1087025-FF29-40C7-AB9D-AF24D58533485FAC1A2C-E2E8-43F7-B84A-625417ECFB5E

Bunkering down in our little blue house directly on the Quadrado, we weren’t too lucky with the weather, but made the most of short spells of sunshine at the heavenly pool or down at the beach club.


We woke every morning to see the local fishermen chatting on their way down to the beach, we watched the most romantic wedding ever take place at the iconic church, we did yoga, we skipped capoeira but learnt how to SUP, we felt part of the village as evening fell and everyone came out into the Quadrado to chat, to play football, to set up trampolines for the local kids, to eat flan; but mostly we just lounged around, hypnotised into torpor by the slow pace and fantasising about the pink house that was for sale.



A weekend in Baden Baden

I don’t know quite why but I’ve always had a real urge to visit the spa town of Baden Baden (on reflection, maybe the spa bit has something to do with it!). Black Forest Gateaux might also come into the mix or perhaps my occasional longing for what’s probably a highly romanticised idea of the gentility of days gone by.

In search of such gentility, there really is only one place to stay, and that’s the epically luxurious Brenners Park Given that it was Valentine’s weekend, I upped the ante and treated us to a room there and what a true delight it was with fresh cut flowers and divine macaroons and medjool dates to great us. And a mini bar full of kombucha!


Bliss was found sipping cappuccinos in ludicrously fluffy robes on our lovely balcony overlooking the Lichtentaler Allee, the kind of place where you can’t imagine anything bad ever happening.


We had a lovely walk in the Black Forest before hitting the famous spas in the afternoon.


We visited the Caracalla spa which had the most incredible array of thermal baths, steam rooms and saunas but I perhaps wouldn’t recommend visiting on Valentine’s Day! Even with prebooked tickets, the queues were around the block and, at full capacity, the total nudity expected (which we were braced for from previous visits to German and Austrian spas) was a little more intense. We got through most of the heat stations but drew the line at sharing a tiny jacuzzi with 10 other naked people! So despite being keen to visit the Fredrichsbad the following day, we instead retreated to the rather more private spa facilities at the hotel, which was definitely a far more relaxing experience. Brenners Park has a seriously top notch spa and I loved the morning yoga classes and wished we were staying longer to enjoy more of the wellness activities.

The food was also extremely good. We generally find these kind of old school hotels have very little for vegetarians, but there were a number of (even vegan) options on the menu at the Wintergarten and Rive Gauche. But mostly we saved our appetites for the sweet stuff. The absolute highlight was the ridiculously indulgent Cold ice-cream Soufflé Stephanie which has been served at the hotel for over 135 years! Taking this to be a recommendation, we tucked in like small children to the ludicrous concoction of trifle, ice cream, cream and raspberry sauce. I think it’s meant for 4 but we managed to polish it off though we were grateful to only have a short journey upstairs to bed.

IMG_2054 IMG_2052IMG_2057

We couldn’t leave without a slice of Black Forest Gateaux and the best ones we found were at Brenners or the delightful Cafe Konig, another deeply comforting old school establishment.

balck forest

IMG_2027 IMG_2028

By the time we got home, we were happy but a little cream caked out, so here’s our raw and vegan interpretation of the famous Schwarzwalderkirschtorte! It’s delicious!

Raw Black Forest Gateaux

For the filling:

2 cups cashews

¼ cup agave

¼ cup maple

½ cup water

¼ cup raw cacao butter

¼ cup coconut oil

1-2 tsp coffee extract

1 tsp vanilla extract

seeds of ½ vanilla bean

pinch of salt

1 cup cacao powder

10oz bag of frozen cherries


Blend everything together except the cacao powder and the cherries.

Once at a creamy consistency, add the cup of cacao and cherries by mixing with a whisk.


For the crust:

½ cup brazil nuts

½ cup shredded coconut


1 heaped tbsp cacao powder

1-2 tsp agave

1-2 tbsp cacao nibs

seeds from ¼ vanilla bean


Process brazils, coconut, salt, cacao powder and vanilla seeds until mixture resembles fine crumbs.

Add agave and cacao nibs and blend again until sticky.

Press into a springform pan.

Pour over the filling and chill for about 3 hours.

black forest


Happy days and seaweed tea in Margate


We are just getting keener and keener on Margate. Great places to eat, great places to shop and doggie heaven for our pup Jaffa whose new first love is foraging on the beach (and getting made to measure collars at Doggie Apparel


tower block

We’ve had some lovely stays at the dog friendly (always a sign of a top place) Albion House just down the road in Ramsgate where we sigh and dream of owning one of the Regency townhouses.

jaf albion house

And have loved walking the coastline from Ramsgate to the blissful Viking Bay in Broadstairs where a stop at Morelli’s always makes us feel better about the world. Dog friendly, very pink, lots of Lloyd Loom  and they serve some of their sundaes in REAL Murano glassware. You can’t help but smile after a pitstop there.

morelliIce cream

We’re dying to try Wyatt and Jones but they’ve been closed every time we’ve visited (mostly on Monday afternoons and out of season so totally understandable). We’ll just have to make a return trip.


It’s a pretty long walk all the way to Margate so we’re always in desperate need of a cup of tea and some hearty food by the time we reach the Lido sign.


The Greedy Cow or the (again super dog friendly, why aren’t all places?!) GB Pizza CO are both fantastic but we also really love Forts followed by a spot of retail therapy at Plinth and the incredible Haeckels

j at forts

You can’t help but think a lot about seaweed after a visit to Haeckels and their seaweed tea is on sale in the shop and on the menu at Forts. It’s a delicious blend that mixes the seaweed with elderflower, citrus and fennel and it’s absolutely brilliant for the digestive system as well as for providing lots of iodine which supports the thyroid and thus helps to ensure lots of  happy cells and a healthy metabolism.

We went searching for our own bladderwrack on the beach to recreate this mighty brew at home!






Guethary and Padron Peppers



Perched on the Atlantic coast between Biarritz and St-Jean-De-Luz, Guethary has to be one of our favourite places that we’ve visited over the past few years and is ideal for a quick break from city life. A wonderful mixture of seaside living and slow paced countryside, we wound down very quickly and eased into the low key surfy lifestyle we’d love to live, if only we could stand up on the board! I’ve tried surfing before without much success but was determined to give it another go and eagerly signed up for some group lessons on the beach at Bidart. I was already in a wetsuit before I realised that the other people on the course were aged between 5 and 7 and that it was going to be conducted in French (which I can’t speak!) but still, I almost got up a couple of times and enjoyed frolicking in the waves, so all good!

We loved our stay at Villa Arguibel, looked after by the very charming Francois. Slightly inland, it was a place of pastoral bliss , extreme quiet and VERY comfy beds. We sat contentedly, on our sunny balcony, watching the sheep graze the rolling hills and let time while itself away.



Food, to be honest, was a bit of a low point on this trip, as it was clearly of the highest order everywhere, but there just wasn’t much on any of the menus for veggies. Still,we loved Hotel Le Madrid, the beating heart of the village, for a morning espresso and a bit of people watching. And though we’re obviously very far away from being able to take on the legendary Parlementia wave on nearby Plage de Cenitz, the stylish cafe there was another choice spot for enjoying a light lunch watching the waves roll over the pebbly swathe below. Hétéroclito with it’s patchwork tiles and mish mash decor and Bahia Beach were our top spots for watching the sun go down with a few bowls of tapas.



bonne adresse restaurant guéthary bahia beach 9


Our favourite of which, were the mighty padron peppers, which we’ve been addicted to since our return. We were very pleased to find them on the shelves at Waitrose!


Simply heat some olive oil in a large pan, whack the padron peppers in until they start to blacken slightly and season with salt and cracked black pepper. Delish!

macron 1
macron 2

Also sensational were the Macarons from Maison Adam in St Jean de Luz. Our version coming soon…


Veg Heaven! Small plates and street food class at Leiths School of Food and Wine

Back from South Africa, David’s very excited to be hosting a new class this January at Leiths School of Food and Wine. Start the New Year with some exciting new ideas for healthy, plant based cooking; a few places still available to book via the Leith’s website.

Veg Heaven – Small Plates and Street Food with David Bailey

Wed 13 Jan 2016 10.00-14.30

At Wholefood Heaven, David Bailey serves up vegan, vegetarian and raw food in trademark Budha bowls. The classically-trained chef, now out and about in the Budha Bowl Van, won Best Main Dish at the British Street Food Awards. Learn to make a menu bursting with flavour and goodness.

Typical recipes:

Gyoza dumplings with carrot, tofu and Woodear mushrooms
Massaman curry with new potato, pineapple and soya
Shortgrain brown rice and omega seed sprinkle
Root vegetable and kimchi pickle
Steamed black sesame and peanut sweet dumplings